Gondal / India

The Royal Garages house a remarkable collection of vintage cars, providing a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the rulers. Gondal River adds a touch of serenity to the landscape, offering a peaceful retreat for those seeking moments of quiet cont

Gondal is known for its historic palaces, including the Riverside Palace and Orchard Palace.

Best Time
The winter months (October to March) offer pleasant weather for exploring Gondal and its attractions.
Off Season
Gondal might experience warmer temperatures during summer (April to June), but it's still a viable time to visit.
Ideal Duration
A visit of 2-3 days allows for exploring Gondal's palaces, museums, and surrounding areas.
Gondal, India, unfolds its regal heritage with historic palaces, vintage cars, and serene riverside settings.
Visit the Naulakha Palace, explore the Royal Garages, experience a vintage car collection, and enjoy the tranquility of the Gondal River.

Gondal, a city steeped in royal history, welcomes visitors with open arms to explore its regal heritage. The Naulakha Palace, with its exquisite architecture and ornate interiors, stands as a testament to Gondal's princely past..


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