Best Things and Activities to do in Blumenau

Famous for shopping,
Ideal Duration 1 - 8 Days

After Germans, the second biggest ethnic gathering is Italians. The Oktoberfest is held each year in October, and is the universes second biggest brew festival.

In case you are a first time traveling to Blumenau, you may lean toward an increasingly touristy territory. A few areas have bunches of activities within short distance, yet the lodgings might be progressively costly. Depending on the neighborhood you select, you'll need to analysis hotels within the area.

Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires: Waterfalls & White Sands

Dance your way through the best of South America's colourful cities. Kick off your adventure in Rio where you're free to explore the party atmosphere or soak up rays. You'll enjoy time outdoors and on the beach at Ilha Grande and connect with the land at an estancia stay in Uruguay. Best of all, we'll fly over to Iguassu Falls for more time to explore the immense cascades. With accommodation and transport arranged by a CEO, this trip offers great value and is the perfect way to discover South America's unique vibe.

17 Days
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Atlantic to the Andes Experience

Dense rainforests, the towering peaks of the Andes, the seemingly endless and reflective salt flats ? when we say the range of scenery on this 25-day tour is dizzying we?re not embellishing. Begin in Rio de Janeiro and head west where Iguassu Falls and an array of active activities you can do on your own during free time. Discover the wildlife of the Pantanal wetlands and climb aboard some local buses to see how to get from point A to B South American style. It?s not just where you stop that matters, it?s how many life-changing moments you?ll have along the way.

25 Days
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The Best of Brazil

From the heat of Rio?s nightlife to the chilled out atmosphere of Ilha Grande, discover the treasures of Brazil on this comfortable week-long adventure. You?ll wander the colonial streets of Paraty?it?s a UNESCO heritage site and quite possibly the prettiest spot on the planet?and savour seafood and life without cars on the island of Ilha Grande. Stand in awe of awesome Iguassu Falls deep in the interior, then marvel at it from Argentina?s side. Brazil awaits?let?s make the most of it.

9 Days
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Brazil Journey

From the sizzling heat of its nightlife to the cooling shade of its jungles, Brazil's cultural and natural treasures are just waiting to be discovered over these nine unforgettable days. Wander the colonial streets of UNESCO World Heritage site Paraty, stand in awe of incredible Iguassu Falls, and discover for yourself the famously beautiful beach in Rio. Make the most out of your time in Brazil with this unique itinerary.

9 Days
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Explore Northern Brazil & Amazon

Get off Brazil's well-worn (yet beautiful) path with this 14-day tour that begins in Rio and heads north. Spend two nights in the northern Amazon, slide your way down the sand dunes at Jericoacoara, and then finish off your adventure exploring the coastal city of Salvador. With both remote-beach time and big-city party time built in, this trip's the perfect way to see north Brazil.

14 Days
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Rio to Lima: Machu Picchu & Markets

If you have the time and can?t decide between Peru and Brazil, then see them both ? and pretty much everything in between ? on this 51-day extravaganza. Trek the legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, cross the Bolivian Salt Flats, sip wine in Argentina, and hit the beach in Brazil. You?ll get plenty of energetic culture, the great outdoors, and the company of other young travellers to keep you moving. There?s time later to slow down, take the long road, and have an adventure while you can.

51 Days
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Have you been to Blumenau? What do I need to know before traveling?

Q:What are Places to Visit, Things, and Activities To Do in Blumenau?

A: Blumenau offers splendiferous sightseeing not limited to Art Gallery, Bridge, Church, City Hall, Fountain, Library, Memorial, Museums, Park, Shopping, Sight, Theatre, Tower, .

Q: What is a best and decent time to go to Blumenau?

A: Plan your outing during best season to encounter the best of this dazzling destination in the month of 0.

Q: How long are required to visit every one of the spots in Blumenau?

A: 1 - 8 days are adequate to visit Blumenau.

Q:Can I see snow in Blumenau?

A: Yes.

Q:What type of food available in Blumenau?

A: German.

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