Tour Valletta, UNESCO capital, and cocathedral with a discount

Valletta, Malta, Malta
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Valletta is an exceptional city. Not just for being the only European capital declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, nor for having been built almost like a fairy tale by knights, nor for standing as the most modern European city for centuries, but for its beauty, secrets and history. The surface you can discover alone, but we are looking forward to sharing with you the rest Who was the Order of Saint John? What was its journey till the arrival in Malta? Where and how did they execute people? How could such a small island withstand the attack of two of the most powerful empires, the Ottomans and the Third Reich? Where can I see Caravaggio's paintings? What food is traditional in Malta? Where can I have a cold beer? All this and much more we want to share, for you to discover Valletta at all levels, and that is the reason our tour has two parts. First we will walk its main streets, we will discover its most interesting buildings, secrets and tales of this city described as "an open-air museum", in addition to answering all the questions you may have. And, for those interested, we are ready to continue our free tour visiting St. John's Co-Cathedral, a unique building described as "the most Baroque in the world" as it is decorated from floor to ceiling by the best artists, including the incomparable Caravaggio. (For anyone has already visited Valetta and is only intrested in the Co-Cathedral please note we have a separate tour for just that) Remember, being in Valletta and not visiting the co-cathedral is a sin for all creeds. And when visiting with an official tourist guide we will enter through the preferred entrance for groups. Although the tour is free, admission fee for the co-cathedral is 15 euros, so for those who do not want to visit, this will be the end of the tour. As we think this is an unforgettable visit, we want to do our bit to encourage you, offering the entrance to the co-cathedral for 13 euros. At the end of the tour we will be happy to answer your questions and give you some tips for you to continue discovering the city and the rest of the country. Important: The cocathedral is closed on Public feast. Being a religious place, on occasion may be closed for religious functions. LOGISTICS: For this visit we recommend comfortable footwear and comfortable clothes according to the weather. Even though the walk is quite easy on the body, barely any inclines, we do recommend that if it is summer to get a hat for the sun, sunscreen and even a small bottle of water, as this will make the walk more comfortable for you. And, finally and above all, we ask for punctuality. Not for us, but for the other participants in the tour. If there is any setback such as public transport please let us know. COVID-19 MEASURES. Important information: We are taking safety and hygiene measures recommended by health authorities in all Guruwalks: - Limited number of visitors - Safety distance between visitors - Mandatory own mask.

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