Free Walking Tour The Medieval Ferrara

Ferrara, Italy
01:30 |
About the Experience
Ferrara, the Italian ducal city melting pot of the Renaissance, discover its wonders before you. Join me on this complete journey through its most famous monuments, where you will discover first-hand the most interesting events and secrets it holds. History and modern life meet us perfectly in its ancient streets, in which medieval art and beauty are the backdrop where the lives of its most illustrious characters unfolded. The tour will start in the most central square, the heart of the city, where the cathedral and the castle emerge in an imposing way, we will continue through its streets in which palaces and churches will come our way, where the urban will leave room for parks and gardens that They will end in the old walls that once guarded it. What are you waiting for? the pearl of the Emilia-Romagna awaits you to discover its wonders and I will be delighted to show it to you.

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